Why should you explore Virtual Marketing for your brand?

Why should you explore Virtual Marketing for your brand?

Virtual Reality is all about “submersion or immersion” - the upcoming jargon for digital marketers all around the place. As several companies are developing new content, services, and products around VR, its traction has mounted and is forecasted to have witnessed massive growth. VR brings an effect that produces an emotional intensity that is larger and more advanced than that created by regular or traditional media. Computer-generated reality experience is closely connected with the idea of telepresence which “makes people feel as if they are present in a different place or time”. Virtual reality marketing can be a medium for involvement in the act of storytelling. Nowadays, big brands like Flipkart and Mahindra add an immersive experience by delivering a virtual storytelling campaign in which they create a VR film. This has redefined the art of storytelling and contributed to enabling tangible results by increasing revenues. It is a brilliant part of digital marketing that this experience gives viewers the emotional depth that has strengthened the brand loyalty and offers a chance of experiencing a story instead of just reading it.

Why Should Businesses Care?

Virtual reality marketing campaigns allow brand owners to put their brand's face close to the customers' attention. VR adds excellence through new business prototypes and gives users an immersive and engaging experience that lets them connect with a product in a fresh and new way. The content becomes more real and its engagement increases. Innovative brands are already leveraging this technology.

How to Execute VR In Your Inbound Strategy

Today’s VR marketing campaigns demonstrate that now, newfangled marketing strategies entail providing some sort of distinctive experience. If you dare to master or compete with other big brands who upkeep with new technology, then endeavor to implement VR in your inbound strategy, here are few points that you need to take into account:

1. VR As The Medium:

VR makes the content more interactive and impressive. Though, virtual reality should not be considered as an advertising message reflected by your business. The influence VR can advance on an ad campaign is immense, and it offers superb customer experiences. When designing your business's VR marketing strategy, you need to first learn what your key message will be to your potential and new customers.

2. Consider Your Present Audience:

One of the key tasks is to examine how your audience absorbs your content. Map out which medium your audience uses the most to know about your company, is it through social media or your website. Work with Google Analytics or other audience analytic tools to get an extensive understanding of your audience and their actions. If you are thorough with your audience behavior, you can easily implement VR in your content strategy appropriately.

3. Employ Engaging Narratives:

Back in the days when the movie was the most engaging storytelling medium. People just used to watch and consume the content as passive people. Nowadays, virtual reality establishes the feeling of being there in the field, which pulls it as a powerful tool of storytelling by big brands. Ensure that your VR marketing strategy creates an engaging tale for your customers. Also, you can use visual and audio cues to make the tale more impactful and enjoyable.

4. Display Your Products or Services:

Virtual reality marketing allows customers to explore your products or services without stepping into your physical store. A great example of this is the newly launched Mint Lounge- a virtual store owned by the iconic designer Manish Malhotra that gives a chance to walk through the alley, focus on the product, get in touch with the features and buy from their homes.


Virtual reality marketing is advancing technology and it is more crucial than ever to keep a tab on the progressive trends. With VR marketing, businesses will be able to outreach engaging customers on a platform, not like others. Thus, lighthouse customers will have control and dominance over technology from their competitors.

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