What Is Motion Sensing Technology?

What is Motion Sensing Technology?

A motion sensor is an electronic device used to detect and measure intrusive movement. A motion sensor uses multiple technologies to detect and alert you of any unwanted activity in an area. These are a simple way to save energy while storing data. A motion sensor is in vogue these days for security and energy-saving purpose. These are nowadays found in phones, towels, and game consoles. There are three primary motion sensors: a sensor unit, an embedded computer, and hardware. These three parts can be varying in sizes and configurations. Here is a detailed guide on motion sensors.

The role of the motion sensor in your house

The motion sensor detects and alerts you in case of any intrusive movement. These sensors work while you're not at home or when you command the device to do so. Some sensors are programmed to detect and record activity. The functions of the motion sensor are:

  • Alert you of any invader or even your child sneaking out of the house
  • Trigger a doorbell
  • Alert you if your child or pet enter a restricted area at home like the basement
  • Save energy by using motion sensing light in the dark, abandoned areas.

Types of motion sensors

Passive Infrared
These kinds of sensors detect your body heat and are widely used in home securities. When your sensor is armed, the sensors are activated. The sensor now detects body heat and movement by forming a protective grid around you. If the infrared energy shoots up rapidly, the alarm goes off, and the owner is notified of the intruder. A passive sensor does not have a transmitter, unlike the active ones.

Microwave sensor
These sensors are vulnerable to electrical interference and are very expensive. They cover a wider area as compared to the passive infrared. The sensors send out microwave pulses and measure the reflection of a moving body.

Dual Technology Sensors
The dual technology sensors have combined features of active as well as a passive sensor. These are used to reduce the occurrence of false alarms. In these sensors, the chances of false alarms are reduced because, to trigger the alarm, one needs to trip both the sensors. However, that does not mean that it never sets a false alarm.

Area Reflective type
An area reflective type sensor emits infrared rays from a LED. It measures the distance between the person to the object and detects if the item is in a designated area or not.

Similar to the microwave type of sensors, these emit ultrasonic waves instead of microwave pulses. The functioning of these sensors is the same as that of a microwave sensor.

As the name suggests, these sensors detect the vibration of the body. These can be easily made at home, but are unreliable. The chances of false alarms are high, as well as the breach of security.

Other features of sensors

There are various other features of sensors such as

  • Wireless motion sensors
  • Contact motion sensors
  • Pet immune motion sensors
  • Video motion sensors

Wireless motion sensor
The wireless motion sensors can be easily mounted and are wireless. These do not require to be drilled, and they communicated effectively with other systems wirelessly.

Contact motion sensors
These sensors are passive infrared sensors that trigger an alarm if an intruder opens a protected door or window when the systems are armed.

Video Motion Sensors
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your sensor knows precisely what to record and save? Here's when the motion sensor comes into play. These sensors have advanced signal processing that starts recording when they sense motion. These also save memory storage by only capturing useful and essential information.

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