The Best Programming Languages for AR & VR Development

The Best Programming Languages for AR & VR Development

The AR and VR industry has been booming rapidly in the last few years. Initially, AR and VR were more or less restricted to the entertainment industry, but now it has also extended to many industries like gaming, social networking, medical and education. It is no surprise that professionals in the field of technology find AR and VR an industry of importance to explore. There are some prerequisites required before entering this industry which is as basic as learning the programming languages that are required for the development of such platforms. Here are some important programming languages that are used for AR and VR development.


C# is a programming language used majorly in Unity. Unity is a highly extensible AR environment that is considered the top AR environments in the world today. Unity is known to develop most of its components in the C # programming language. This makes learning the C # language extremely important for AR enthusiasts. Under the use of Unity, an AR enthusiast can simultaneously make an application for android, iOS and PC. This makes C # a highly desirable language to learn. Moreover, on this platform, users can find a lot of support available during the process of building their applications. This online support system of developers also adds as a big benefit for new kick-starters. All these reasons make learning C # a good choice to grasp basic unity components and modules for starters.


C++ is mostly utilised on a different development engine called Unreal. It is considered to be one of the greatest rivals of Unity. Unreal is a platform that is mostly used for the development of AR applications that are too large to handle by Unity. Many applications are beyond the scope of Unity and that is where the scope of Unreal starts. Unreal has the development languages that it uses for the applications on its platform. All the major parts of the applications can be implemented using the C++ syntax. These powerful languages provide powerful tools for the learning and development of higher graded applications. These tools are mostly used in business and institutional settings. All these aspects make C++ a very desirable language to learn.


Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Mainly because of its simplicity, Python makes a good programming language for a beginner to enter into the VR and AR development system. The language in itself is very straightforward to understand. It also allows a developer to convey their thoughts and ideas in a few simple lines of code. This feature of python also makes work simpler, faster and overall more efficient. Developers generally create projects quicker as Python offers some packages that can be availed according to their needs. (It has a unique way of downloading and resolving issues.)Furthermore, if a developer has a good foundation of Python, it makes the transition from Python to C # and other more complex development languages easier. The transition makes the learning curve not too steep for a developer to handle.


Java is a robust programming language that has been adopted by programmers all over the world. In most educational schools, it is now considered a foundational curriculum for studying object-oriented programming. Its object-oriented features make it a great platform for creating AR components like neural network algorithms and advanced language processing capabilities, among other things. It's a high-end language that meets AR's high-end requirements. Java also has an integrated 3D application processing interface (API) that makes it simple for developers to create, evaluate, and implement various AR-related components.

Java script

JavaScript is a highly adaptable and scalable programming language that is used in the AR development world. JavaScript, as a language, has evolved to become an easily comprehensive language that provides developers with a vast environment to work with their AR applications. From its main library, JavaScript has derived frameworks and libraries that are both compatible with it and strive to make the language much more versatile. The ability to modularize UI components into separate, independent pieces will aid developers in creating complex entities within the UI.
As for VR, JavaScript is the language of the internet.
JavaScript works well with the WebVR software, which is used to create web-based Virtual Reality applications since it is a language that is known by most browsers. It collaborates with developers to make VR applications for the internet as simple as possible.


Despite the various programming languages available for the development of these forums, the most important aspect to understand is the rapid growth of the industry. AR and VR industries hold very high promise in the commercial, medical and educational sector. This feature is thoroughly analysed and understood at Attah. Professional at Attah are very well versed in this sense and provide high-quality services according to the organisational needs.


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