Leveraging AR to make an high impact showcase for UBER

Leveraging AR to make an high impact showcase for UBER

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most prominent and exciting technology right now, and it’s only going to gain more affinity as AR ready smartphones become more accessible around the world. AR let us see the real-life location/situation right in front of us— kids playing cricket, trees swaying in the park, dogs chasing balls, vehicles moving around — with a digital augmentation added on it. For example, a spaceship might be seen landing in the bushes, the cartoon could be mingling with their counterparts, and the kids could be seen kicking past a planet on their way to score a goal.

With progress in Augmented Reality technology, these examples are not that distinct from what might already be available for your smartphone. AR is, in fact, easily available and being used in a plethora of ways including as Snapchat lenses, in mobile applications that help you locate your car in a jammed parking lot, and in several shopping applications that let you try on clothes/glasses/accessories without even leaving home.

In today’s tech-driven environment, we see all top giants companies trying their luck by injecting AR into their daily operations to provide a better and more realistic experience to their customers.

Transit Hubs of Tomorrow

The new technology brings with it a vision of the future. It opens up our minds to what future holds and how the world shall look like and how daily life will look and feel like. Will the daily needs of humans like personal safety, transportation and social engagements look different?

Recently, one of the world’s top companies - UBER along with their experiential agency CAB reached out to us to create an immersive showcase of Uber’s partnership with the Delhi Metro.

Intending to showcase Uber’s innovative plans for transit hubs of tomorrow and to highlight its seamless experience for commuters by implementing Augmented Reality, we donned our aprons to begin this brave journey. Also, with the surge in felony against the women, UBER intended to establish commuting experience safe for women.

We kept stirring the pot of creativity to finally find the perfect outline to the idea, our team created an immersive presentation blended with Augmented Reality & Binaural audio interactivity to make a lasting impression and keep participants sated. The solution was augmented on a 3D model of a Delhi Metro station through an iPad to bring alive various aspects of the partnership for media and keystakeholders.


This project was presented to the Honourable Prime Minster of India — Narendra Modi by UBER India Head. We are glad to share that the objective to present a sustainable and efficient travel solution along with the VR technology was met. The project received several accolades in the form of gratification and appreciation from all the stake holders. With our creativity and technology, at Atthah, truly believe to create more of such colossal and affirmative impact in the society.

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