Interactive Advertising

Interactive Advertising

As the internet has become increasingly dominant and has shouldered its way into the mainstream, this has dramatically changed the face of the advertising industry over the last few years. Although advertising professionals are still engaging with the idea of how to get the most out of the power and peculiarities of the internet to share their brand stories in the best manner possible, much of what is generating interest is where this dynamic, volatile platform is headed next.

During the times of COVID-19 pandemic where marketers envisage the re-birth of the advertising industry, Interactive Advertising is indeed the one which could turn the face of the industry around. Before we deep down into the subject, let’s understand what Interactive Advertising is.

What is Interactive Advertising?

Interactive advertising is not just a shift from the traditional (and perhaps, monotonous) method of advertising, which relies on customers seeing and remembering a typical journal ad or learning about a product on the radio. Interactive advertising is more about promoting two-way communication between the customers and the brand. This is primarily because the brand has developed advertising that wants the customers to react in some type of unusual way (not simply going to a store and buying the advertised item).

Interactive advertising is more of promotional methods that include an element of feedback from those to whom the ads are directed. This feedback gives the advertiser logical data that can be used to improve the advertising methods being used. Interactive advertising is usually used to refer to online advertising, but can also be applied to offline advertising methods such as consumer surveys.

Interactive advertising goes beyond simple banners and clickthroughs, using social media, branded polls and games, and many other approaches to engage the target audience.

Why Interactive Advertising?

Do you eternally feel that our attention spans are getting shorter? It’s not just your imagination; new research has revealed that human beings are, indeed, flakier than ever before! The average human attention span has shortened by nearly a quarter in just 15 years, and we’re now limping behind the gold fish in terms of being able to focus on a task or object.

In such a scenario where merely showing an advertising and expecting people to remember it is to much to ask for, it essential for marketeers/advertisers to present their brand stories memorably. Over the time, interactive advertising have proven to be beneficial for the brands and have helped them gain an edge over their counterparts.

Interactive Advertising and The Future

Interactive Advertising is the future!

With the abating human attention span and the rest of the advertising forms being tedious and spammy, there is no question over the Interactive Advertising being a big thing in the advertising industry. We predict brands exploring Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as a serious alternate to make advertisings interactive.

Hilmi Ozguc, CEO of Maven Networks, believes it will be “interactively richer… consumers will bring more choices regarding how they can interact and what they want to see.” Advertisers will be more adept at taking “short impressions and turning them into lasting connections.”

It would be intriguing to see the scope interactive advertising would bring with itself. All we can say now is that this is definitely a big thing to invest your money and time in. Brands inviting the same will get benefited great results in the future.

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