How Virtual Reality can amplify the hotel industry?

How Virtual Reality can amplify the hotel industry?

Immersive devices are also a popular aspect at technology conventions and discussions. Innovations have permeated every market in recent years, and the hospitality industry has not been left behind.When it comes to offering family packages and luxury relaxing opportunities, resorts and hotels are actively innovating. The increasing availability of virtual reality opens up new marketing and branding possibilities for the sector to have cutting-edge and highly engaging ways to attract consumers.

Initiation of VR in Hospitality

The first developments in this field focused on enhancing the visitor experience through the use of virtual reality or augmented reality. Among the most recent implementations of virtual realityare hotel tours and space showcases. Some hotels have also used VR to advertise their brands, with the Marriott Hotel being a prime example with its “Travel Brilliantly” initiative, which used VR to digitally move guests from a New York booth to different dream destination.For several hoteliers, the three-dimensional and computer-generated world provided by virtual space, can also be hyper-realistic with the right headsets, represents a new branding minefield that could be used to upgrade the customer service at all levels. Its manipulating ability gives it an invaluable asset in the arsenal of advertisers and branding experts.

The VR Experiential edge

Hotels will be able to exchange immersive experiences directly with consumers as the use of VR becomes a more widely recognised marketing strategy in the coming years. This will be distributed via desktop or smartphone apps, as well as social networks.Virtual reality also plays an important part outside of sales, entering hotels & resorts as an interactive and intelligent facility. Remote check-in is also available in highly automated hotels, but a VR information desk connected to an AI concierge service will offer a directory to locations and activities, making accessibility the new normal.VR is also being used as a calming and meditation technique for visitors as part of the hospitality attraction. VR provides fun, relaxing scenes in a spa lounge or cubicle to make visitors relax as they wait for a massage or spa session.

Tourism and VR

The pace of virtual reality adoption in the hospitality sector has been exponential, with participants spanning from airlines to hotels jumping on board.Beyond the clever ad strategies, the reach of VR and AR technologies in the hospitality industry has expanded into more interesting and nuanced dimensions. Virtual reality in tourism market allows travel companies to collaborate with their affiliated airlines or loyalty schemes to deliver potential deals as well as cross-sell or upsell on their existing holidays or tours.

Tool for up-skilling

The enhanced accessibility has been a significant factor in the rapid introduction of VR in consumer-facing applications and virtual reality benefits in hospitality industry, including staff development. In the hotel industry, up to 70% of operators agree that augmented reality training will become more commonplace in the next five years. This demonstrates a welcoming stance, which is expected to fuel high market penetration rates.VR simulation tools may also be used to simulate front-desk staff practices, allowing them to be trained in competent customer service etiquette. Any hotels or hospitality companies that use VR staff preparation do so to improve the efficiency of guest experiences.

Virtual reality technology in hospitality industry will also have a huge effect on the activities of hotels and other industry operators. Companies must develop a plan for this immersive technology outlining the right roadmap for VR implementation and then spend appropriately. When it comes to VR deployment, there is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach.


VR has a lot of potential in the hospitality industry. The options are truly constrained only by your ambition and the ingenuity of the organisation you chose to be your collaborator and guide on this thrilling journey. Attah provides versatility in performance VR,not only does it host a number of different experiential technologies, it enhances your brand capability through modern technology of VR.


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