How AR/VR is taking over the Retail Industry

Has Virtual Reality disrupted the Entertainment Industry?

Over the last few years, Virtual Reality has evolved drastically and is set to be the future of the entertainment sector. It is being used not only in the gaming industry but also in theatres, museums, art galleries, advertising, employee training, and entertainment. VR applications are more popular in the Entertainment sector as compared to the AR industry, as the former is known to provide a more personalized user experience and is more immersive. Below are some of the well-known applications of VR in this sector:

Virtual Reality Museums/Art Galleries

At Atthah, we have helped clients transform the exhibition experience, created experience centers, and museums to allow them to immerse their customers in their brand world through interactive experiences like success stories, product demos, solutions presentations making their brand space a magnet for all the visitors in the exhibitions. VR Museums engage the visitors thus increasing their interest in the valuable assets of the museum by giving them a life. One can absorb more information through it at the same time while connecting visitors to the exhibit.

Virtual theme Park

During a situation like COVID 19, when it is tough to go out and enjoy, one can sit at the luxury of their home and still experience the thrill of a theme park through VR based solutions. With facilities like go pro cameras, youtube, one can enjoy rides like Jurassic World, Tron, etc through their computer or TV screen. There are also facilities where one wears VR headsets and the twists, turns and acceleration are still present on the rides but the headsets enable one to see, and/or hear, something different from the real-world experience.

VR experience in concerts/music

VR is changing the way we experience music and concerts, in the last few years, one can stream these concerts via virtual headsets so that the fans can enjoy the view from their homes. Vr platforms also offer such interactions and viewpoints that one could not have experienced even in live concerts. People have the liberty to watch the concert from backstage, behind the booth, or even on stage with the band. In 2018, MelodyVR builds a collection of live shows that could be streamed on VR headsets or any other device through the app. They have worked with over 850 musicians, to bring the feature for its user.

VR Games

VR games give players a first-person perspective of game action. Players participate in the gaming environment through multiples devices and accessories like headsets, goggles, game controllers, game consoles, etc. Regular video games allow gamers to experience the environment from behind or above the character of the player. But using VR games allows them to manipulate the virtual environment.

Movies and Cinema

VR movies are definitely interesting to watch moreover one is likely to see something new every time they watch the movie again as one can look all around while watching. Although these are only short movies like Invasion, Ashes to Ashes, The Invisible Man, Sports and Adventure, etc that one can watch and enjoy a 360-degree experience. Film festivals around the globe like Sundance and Tribeca have also used VR technology to feature short films allowing users to immerse themselves in interactive technology.

Avail Our VR Services To Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences

Virtual Reality helps common people experience concerts, museum, games, movies, etc in ways which were not known or uncommon. One can view 3D images, thus making the whole engagement realistic and enjoyable. We at Atthah help businesses by providing them with such services so that they can make the virtual world more enjoyable. Till now we have seen people wearing red and green cardboard glasses to watch a 3D movie, but now due to the advent of VR technology, we can see theatre-goers getting a more wholesome view from scene one to the closing scene. If focused more, VR technology can transform the entertainment world.


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