Digital Museum at the Bhamashah Techno Hub Jaipur!

Digital Museum at the Bhamashah Techno Hub Jaipur!

Entertainment Industry has been rapidly disrupted by technology in the past few years. With the advent of newer technologies, the meaning of entertainment has changed for most of us. In earlier times, where entertainment meant watching television, playing board games or outdoor games for our parents, it got substituted by video games, concerts, music festivals, cinema, etc. But now entertainment entails interacting with the technology in the form of Augmented reality, Virtual reality, touch-based solutions, motion sensors, or projections. The sources of entertainment have remained the same but the way we interacted with them has drastically changed.

We all witnessed the recent trend of Pokemon Go, and for the many of us, it was the first touchpoint in the world of Augment Reality. Most of us must have also interacted with Virtual Reality when we would go to the amusement section of any mall and wear those VR headsets while sitting on a chair that would move up and down. Such facilities have now become common and have also evolved into creating something like interacting museums, VR fitness centers, 3D immersive theaters, etc.

Future of Entertainment: IT Fun City

Recently, the Government of Rajasthan launched Bhamashah Techno Hub in Jaipur to provide a platform to boost startups in Rajasthan, and help them ideate, evolve, and grow into successful businesses. We, at Atthah, collaborated with the Government to host a digital museum in India’s Biggest Startup Hub. The facility was inaugurated by then CM Vasundhara Raje and is available to the public to access free of cost.

This facility hosted various interactive installations like Video games, VR Car Race, VR graffiti wall, real-time flying in different locations, VR Football, Roller Coaster, Hang Glider, Space Shuttle Ride, VR Vertigo, VR Bicycle, Sand Track VR, VR Experiences, Slider Coaster. Augmented Reality installations include: Real-time photo puzzle, photobooth, Sand Art while the Interactive Installations include: motion-sensing Globe, Book, Multitouch Interfaces, Robo Kabaddi/Soccer (accessible by remote control/or can we connected via mobile), Digital comic series, 7D theatre and more.

The state-of-the-art ‘Digital Museum’ has utilized information technology, on cultural relics and historical collections that can be preserved and displayed in digital format at Techno Hub. The hub is fully equipped with models that were developed using robotic technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Besides numerous tourists, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot could also be seen interacting with the technology while reliving his childhood memories. He was seen interacting with the virtual track and also tried VR hand gliding and roller coaster rides. He also tried his hands at football and cricket.


The facility has become a popular tourist attraction not just for the locals but also for the people coming to Jaipur to explore the city. The museum has also helped in increasing awareness for interactive technology helping users understand & experience different technologies.

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