Children Nutirtion Park, Kevadia

Children Nutirtion Park, Kevadia

Technology is knocking the doors of every industry and sector. All these industries are trying to embrace technology especially the augment and virtual reality in their own creative ways. At Children Nutrition Park, Kevadia, we used the technology in spreading awareness and educating kids to eat healthily. This is also known as the dream project of our beloved Prime Minister, Mr. Naredendra Modi.

This tech setup is located in Kevadia, Gujarat for the children. This tech park which had multiple tech installations is built to spread awareness among children regarding the importance of nutrition and nutritious food through tech engagement, gamification, and interactions. This was done in partnership with the Litmus Meroform agency.

The park is designed in a way that the visitors will have to hop on a Nutri train which will take them to different stations such as Phalshakha, Kishan Kumar, Janardhan, Dudhnagri, Payongari, Annapurna, Fit India, Poshanpura. On each of these stations, children will be able to interact with different games and activities planned for them. On each station, we have placed a mascot who will be able to interact with the visitors while giving them a short brief about the station.

The park will provide visitors with high-quality entertainment and engaging experience so that children could learn about the importance of homemade healthy food over fast food. It will also impart knowledge to children about healthy eating habits. The whole idea revolves around a central theme of 'Sahi poshan, desh roshan'. Children can play games, earn points, and then redeem those points to get gifts. Various touch points have been installed for children to play virtual games like cricket, air hockey, tennis, dance, etc. The children can also experience 5D movies in unity theatre.

Some of the interactive installations that the visitors can engage with are like a game which asks the player to tap on the healthiest dish on the table and every time the player gets a right answer he/she will be awarded points, the other game was to guess the ingredients that are used in the dishes, one can also feed grains to 3D cows, etc.

At Atthah, we create various AR/VR interactive solutions for the brans to reach a wider audience and convey their message in a more engaging manner.

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