Changing the Medical sector game through Artificial Intelligence

Changing the Medical sector game through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has played a vital role in the growth of the medical sector in the past few years. People often don't realise that artificial intelligence is present everywhere around us and impacts our daily life on every level.

AI systems are used to optimise user experience in many domains, from Social media to the Healthcare industry. The medical profession, especially in diagnostics and care management, is one big sector where AI is increasingly growing. Since there is a fear that Artificial Intelligence could surpass human tasks and abilities, a lot of testing is being done to see if AI will help with clinical decisions, assist human judgement, and improve patient effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of transforming the medical sector in a number of ways, which are:


One of the great things about AI is that it functions in real-time. AI's capability to "learn" from data opens up the possibility of increased precision based on input responses. Many back-end information references, as well as input from practitioners, physicians, and academic agencies, are included in this feedback. In healthcare, AI applications operate in real-time, which ensures data is constantly updated, increasing precision and relevance. For instance, a new finding in the medical notes of the practitioner which previously was not present in the backend resources gets promptly updated as more experience is earned by the AI. This allows an infinite loop of learning and almost infinite opportunities. Practitioners have been able to develop their treatment capabilities, thanks to this collection of constantly updated material.


AI in healthcare has its application in a variety of dimensions. It makes use of a web database that gives doctors and clinicians access to thousands of diagnostic resources. Since doctors have a thorough understanding of their profession and are up to date with new studies, the use of AI significantly improves the speed of results that can be combined with their professional expertise.

Many people are concerned that artificial intelligence will ultimately replace or reduce the need for human doctors, especially in the clinical setting. However, recent studies and evidence suggest that rather than reducing clinician need, this technique will benefit and improve clinical diagnostics and decision making.

Early Predictions

With cardiovascular, neurological disorders and cancer, steadily ranking among the leading causes of death, as many services as possible must be put to use to help in early identification, diagnosis, and treatment. Artificial intelligence can raise the alarm by pinpointing any critical condition a patient might have.

For instance, AI has been useful in the prediction of strokes based on the patient's presentsymptoms and genetic history. AI has also been successful (with an accuracy of 70%) to understand if post-stroke patients have a chance of having another stroke or not.

Cost Reduction

The Health Resources Services Administration defines telehealth as the use of electronic information and telecommunication technologies for medical purposes.

While AI is used for high-risk conditions and on a broader scale, telehealth tools are being applied into patients' homes to better manage and avoid high-risk cases while eliminating hospital readmissions. When a patient reports a high-risk condition, this equipment will warn clinicians right away. Early diagnosis, faster diagnostics, and a revised recovery schedule save, both, the patient and the doctor time and resources by providing urgent care. Artificial Intelligence enables physicians to make effective and rational decisions, thus improving overall patient care, which is the ultimate goal.


The medical industry is one of the most dynamic industries where Artificial intelligence truly helps man progress. Attah recognises the importance of the same and can instrumentally enhance the outlook of the industry using the expertise in Artificial intelligence. For more information, get in touch with our team today!

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